Valentine Dinner & Party – February 18th

The Legacy class had our Valentine’s Dinner and Party this past Saturday.  Lots of great food (lasagna), great fellowship and lots of laughter.  Thanks to all the people who worked hard to make this happen. 

We started with four couples playing a “Minute to Win It” knock-off with the following contests:

Minute to Win It Contest

The contests

1.  Suck It Up:  Using a straw the couple picks up M&Ms by sucking through the straw and places them in a another container.  The couple who moves the most M&Ms in one minute wins.

2.  Face The Cookie:  Place a cookie on your head and find a way to catch it in your mouth and eat it without using your hands, or your spouse’s hands 🙂 . 

3. BooBoo Relay:  The idea is to unwrap and apply five or more band aids  on your spouse in a minute.  If you can do five you get one point.  Who ever did the most got an extra point.

4. Cup Pyramid:   Couple help each other stack the cups then unstack then into a single column.  The couple that did it in the quickest time won.

5.  Oreo Tower:  Each couple alternates placing one Orea cookie at a time on the “tower”  can only use one hand each and you only touch the top cookie and cannot straighten the tower.  The couple with the most cookies standing in the tower at the end of one minute wins.

After our winner was crowned it was time for another five couples to play.  This time it was the “Not So Newlywed Game” .  I think we all know the rules and format and you will all be happy to know that no marriages or relationships were harmed while playing this game.  🙂

Not So Newlywed Game Contestants and Peanut Gallery

 We all had lots of fun and shared a lot laughs.  great job by the “Party Planning Committee” and I hope everyone can come to the next Legacy class party.

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  1. Paul Worthington says:

    You are so Awesome! PW

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